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Camusmor Knockando at Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex.



Welcome to the home page of Camusmor Knockando at Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex. , known to his friends as Rupert. Rupert's litter were all named after Scottish Malt Whiskies, we have managed to track down some Knockando (we felt it was our duty really) and can vouch that Rupert is named after a very tasty dram.

Rupert gets his pet name from his Mother. Once we heard that her Pedigree name is Newfanova Jemima Bear we immediately thought "Rupert Bear!" and it stuck. Luckily, it really suits him.

Rupert is a very active dog who eats exercise. Any activity will do but if it involves water or tennis balls (or even better both!) then he is happy. I don't think I have ever managed to wear him out to the stage where he doesn't want to play ball. I keep him busy with training for:

He also loves long walks and curling up for a cuddle in the evening afterwards.

Rupert is now 6 years old but you can still see his puppy pictures.


Latest News

Rupert had a good introduction back into Competition at the Aricia DT Special Easter Practice Rally Trial on Good Friday where he was Joint 1st.

He followed this up on May 2nd with a 4th place in Beginners at Rugby

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