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Camusmor Whattabargin
for Ruddyduck P-Beg Ex.

Introducing Ari, Rupert's full brother from a repeat mating. Ari's litter all have names to do with Reading Town Football Club's promotion to the Premiership. Ari is Camusmor Whattabargin for Ruddyduck. Apparently "what a bargain" is what the fans shout when the striker scores as he only cost the club £200,000 - what a bargain indeed!

Ari gets his name from Ari Vatenan, the Finnish Rally Driver. The obscure link is that he used to drive for Red Motorsport. We are hoping that his namesakes abilities will rub off on little Ari's heelwork and he won't lift off on the corners either. This seems to have paid off as he won out of Pre-Beginners at his first attempt earning himself a Pre-Beginner Excellent Award in the process.

Ari has also been a very successful show dog. He was Top Toller Puppy 2006 and Best of Breed at Crufts 2009. He is now retired as where do you go from there!

Ari at his breeders:

Ari at home:


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