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Camusmor Knockando

Nine weeks old

Rupert was really getting into his toys, which is great for play-motivated training.

Rupert plays outsideRupert plays outside

"I don't care if I am a retriever!"

"Look! I've bought Mr Pig outside"


Rupert carrying a toyRupert with the same toy

"OK, I am a retriever"

Kill the swan!


At the weekend we went to visit my sister and he was reunited with Monty the Westie. It was quite funny as Monty was quite put out by Rupert being on his home patch. Rupert thought it was great and made himself quite at home, he was also really good on the car journey there.

All three togetherRupert looking very at home

First day trip with Spud

to see Monty.

Looking very at home

 in Monty's garden

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